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Big Sky Meets Big Adventure

In Montana, the time it takes to travel from place to place is measured by more than just mile markers. It’s measured by all the opportunities to take in the beautiful scenery and all the moments of new discovery that make everyday an adventure.


Beef and Birds: Grazing Cattle Benefits Grassland Birds

Feature photo of Savannah Sparrow and cow is World Wildlife Fund-US/Clay Bolt. Beef and Birds: Grazing Cattle Benefits Grassland Birds By Laura Nowlin – Prairie Populist Some of the highest densities of grassland birds make the Northern Great Plains (NGP) their home. “You all are stewards of some of the

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Montana Sugar Beets Are a Sweet Success for Growers

By Rachel Bertone From the morning teaspoon in your coffee to the tasty dusting on top of cakes and cookies, Montana sugar beets make life sweet. The unique root crop, which looks similar to a turnip, is processed to make all types of sugar, including granulated sugar, brown sugar, powdered

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Where Cowboy is a Verb

On a recent trip to Miles City, Montana, we overheard a conversation that went something like this: “He works [insert name of business] because he can’t cowboy anymore.” Translation: The gentleman being discussed was a former cowboy and spent his days (and likely some nights) working cattle. Out here that

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