MSU Updates on Recording Livestock Brands in Montana

While ranchers were allowed to begin rerecording their Montana brands on January 1, Montana State University Extension recommends they wait until reading its updated MontGuide on the topic. When a brand’s owner dies, a key factor in determining who inherits the brand — and livestock bearing it — is how the brand was recorded. Ranchers who have multiple owners on a brand need to be aware of the...

Colstrip, Montana: Family Town, First. Company Town, Second.

Feature photo: Castle Rock Lake provides a staple recreational area for Colstrip residents and others from the area. Filled with water pumped in from the Yellowstone River, located thirty miles north, the man-made lake allows people to fish, swim, and relax on the water. Left in the dark, Colstrip residents worry, still enjoy an idyllic life LEFT IN THE DARK,COLSTRIP RESIDENTS WORRY, STILL ENJOY...

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