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Agriculture is Essential

  With Montana Governor Steve Bullock issuing the stay-at-home directive on Thursday, a lot of questions have been raised on what it means for the ag industry. Will I be able to hold my annual bull sale? Can I fire up the tractor to plant this year’s crops? Will I be able to pick up […]

Prairie Badlands: The Natural Masterpieces of Eastern Montana

Badlands near Jordan: Formations such as these near Jordan are fairly common in the badlands of eastern Montana. (Photo by Rick and Susie Graetz) French trappers working the Missouri and Yellowstone rivers and their tributaries well before Lewis and Clark made their epic journey, called the dry land formations they encountered “mauvais terres” (badlands). Painter […]

Havre’s Wastewater Woes Solved By Beer

  The Havre Wastewater Treatment Facility, taken Jan. 24, 2020. RACHEL CRAMER / YELLOWSTONE PUBLIC RADIO By RACHEL CRAMER • FEB 10, 2020 Several years ago, Havre, Montana had a problem. Its treated wastewater had too many nutrients. Fixing it was expected to cost millions of dollars. But, wastewater workers discovered a cheap, upcycled solution […]

Eastern Montana is where?

Lay of the Land: A series of essays on the spirit of Montana The Big Hole Valley is inextricably part of the family heritage — a distant relative ran his horses in its upper reaches; grandparents raised cattle on its lower stretches for decades. A high, wide riff that drains the snowpack from the peaks […]

Street name honors Terry’s first settler

By Norm Clarke Special to the Terry Tribune from Yellowstone Newspapers      Have you ever wondered about the story behind a Terry street name?       It would be hard to find one that embodies a more colorful character than Montague Street.      Located on the northernmost outskirts of Terry, the east-west was […]

Beef and Birds: Grazing Cattle Benefits Grassland Birds

Feature photo of Savannah Sparrow and cow is World Wildlife Fund-US/Clay Bolt. Beef and Birds: Grazing Cattle Benefits Grassland Birds By Laura Nowlin – Prairie Populist Some of the highest densities of grassland birds make the Northern Great Plains (NGP) their home. “You all are stewards of some of the best of the best,” Bob […]

Montana Sugar Beets Are a Sweet Success for Growers

By Rachel Bertone From the morning teaspoon in your coffee to the tasty dusting on top of cakes and cookies, Montana sugar beets make life sweet. The unique root crop, which looks similar to a turnip, is processed to make all types of sugar, including granulated sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar and more. There is […]

Where Cowboy is a Verb

On a recent trip to Miles City, Montana, we overheard a conversation that went something like this: “He works [insert name of business] because he can’t cowboy anymore.” Translation: The gentleman being discussed was a former cowboy and spent his days (and likely some nights) working cattle. Out here that means roping, driving, feeding, doctoring, […]